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Keeshonden are friendly and outgoing with both people and other dogs and the Keeshond dogs are intelligent, alert, neither timid, nor aggressive. They are quick to learn with consistent training. This breed is full of personality, playful, energetic, sociable, and loves everyone in the family. Keeshonden make good watchdogs with their natural gift for warning and love for barking. Their gait is unique to the breed. The Keeshond dog moves boldly, cleanly, and briskly with tail curled over the back. The movements are straight and sharp. Reach and drive are between slight to moderate.

Keeshonden adapt easily to living both in limited spaces and outdoors. They enjoy being on the sea and running on slippery boat surfaces. The Keeshond lacks game instinct that makes it excellent companions for nature lovers. Keeshonden are the gentlest dogs and are sometimes called "The Smiling Dutchmen." These dogs don't even disturb animals in forests and stay with the master. Keeshonden don't require much exercise; a good walk on a leash and vigorous games can satisfy their needs.

Height: males are 18-19 inches; females are 17-18 inches.
Weight: 40-45 lbs for males, 30-35 lbs for females.
Life Span: 12-14 years.

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Keeshond dogs have no major concerns. Sometimes CHD, epilepsy, skin problems, renal cortical hypoplasia, mitral valve insufficiency can occur in Keeshond dogs; it's advisable to check hips of Keeshonden regularly.

Keeshonds - Dogs - Clubs Links

Keeshond Club of America National Specialty Show - Held in Frederick, Maryland, hosted by the Capitol Keeshond Club. Includes show information, including results.

Samscar Kennel - A small family-run kennel in Norway, breeding Keeshonden.

TAKS - The American Keeshond Society - A club for Keeshond fanciers which strives to impart a sense of fellowship and mutual aid in learning and teaching about the breed. Lists its activities, officers and regional contacts.

The Keeshond Club of America - The parent club for the Keeshond breed in the USA, and lists the breed standard, the club's Code of Ethics, committees, regional clubs, breeders, specialty shows and a guide for puppy buyers.

Keeshonds - Dogs - General Information Links

American Kennel Club - The AKC Standard for the Keeshond.

Animal Planet - Breed standard, functions, and history are presented.

Dog Breeds - Keeshond - Description and utility of Keeshonden are presented.

German Spitz - Keeshond - Contains basic facts on the breed.

Home of the Original Warm Fuzzies - Keeshonden concept site dedicated to the Kees personality, their most valuable contribution to mankind. Features stories, pictures and articles about the fuzzy breed.

Keeshond - Abilities and uses of Keeshonden.

Keeshond - Breeders, clubs, and bibliography on Keeshonden.

Keeshond (Wolfspitz) -Description, history, temperament, and tips on housing are presented.

Keeshond Breed - Puppies, breeders, standard of Keeshonden.

Keeshond Dog Breed - Essential facts about Keeshonden.

Keeshond dogs - Description of the appearance, size, temperament, grooming tips, health concerns, and other important facts about Keeshond dogs.

Keeshonden - Grooming needs and trainability of Keeshonden.

Keeshonds in Finland - History of the breed, grooming tips, pictures, and news from the Keeshond fanciers of Finland.

Love My Pet - Tips on training and housing of Keeshonden.

PetCARE - Keeshond - How do others rate this breed? Advantages and disadvantages of Keeshonden.

Petgroomer - Tips on professional grooming of Keeshonden.

Quality Dogs - Breed Profile - Congenital and Genetic Conditions found in the Keeshond.

The Keeshond Pedigree Database - A database for researching the genealogy of Keeshonden, with a Littermate/Breeding Search feature. Hosted by Steve Dworkin, Brandi and Chipper Jones.

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